Emergency Materials & Communication

Region 12 WMD/Hazardous Materials Response Team

HazMat 12 is a state-level all-volunteer hazardous material emergency response organization. The Boyle County Division is part of the statewide network of WMD/HazMat Response Teams that was created using Federal Grant Funding from years 1999-2002.

The individual members of HM12 represent local fire, EMS, and emergency management agencies as well as private industry. Team members are trained at or above the hazardous materials technician level and are prepared to respond within KyEM Region 12 or anywhere in the Commonwealth as necessary.

Sheltering in Place

Sheltering In Place is where your shelter within your home or the building you are in at the time In-Place Sheltering is ordered by the emergency officials.

Sheltering In Place is ordered when there has been a chemical release near your home or the place you work or are visiting and there is no time to have a safe and orderly evacuation. Your home or the location you are at may not be affected but the Sheltering In Place order is issued for your safety. It is better to error on the side of caution.

Once you are informed of the Sheltering In Place do not go outside. Because it takes a little time to evaluate the emergency in order to issue a Shelter In Place order the released chemical may already be near you.

In your home, first shut off the Heating or Air Conditioning. Turn off any fans. Close any open windows. Then gather up your family and pets, a radio, phone and go with them to the smallest room in the house on the first floor and close the door(s). Stuff a towel under the door(s). DO NOT OPEN the door until the threat has passed. Listen to the radio on local stations of WDFB Christian Radio and Hometown Radio. They will provide vital safety information on the threat.

Once the threat has passed and after the "all clear" order has been issued (listen to radio stations), open up your home and vent it using fans.

Emergency Communications / Ham Radio

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) consist of federally licensed volunteer ham radio operators from Boyle and surrounding counties who volunteer the use of communications equipment and/or manpower during times of emergency. These services are especially needed to protect public safety during extreme disaster situations when normal radio communications and telephone systems fail. BCEM has had a long and productive association with local ham radio operators, ARES/RACES, and the Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club.

The Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club was formed in the 1960s to promote ham radio and public service in Boyle County. With the financial support of the Boyle County Fiscal Court and private donors, the WRARC purchased and installed Boyle County's first ham radio repeater in 1981 under the club call WD4DZC. A new repeater transceiver was purchased in 2003 and was relocated from the Inter-County RECC communication tower to Parksville in 2005 with funds secured through Boyle Co. Emergency Management. This 2-meter repeater operates at 145.310 MHz providing coverage to Boyle and all surrounding counties.

The Club has established a commo station at the Danville-Boyle County Emergency Operations Center to assist with communications in large-scale emergencies. Club members provide communications for established shelters with the Red Cross.

The Club meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the American Red Cross Building at
454 S 3rd Street
Danville, 40422

View the club website.