Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Licensing is the most frequently visited area of the Clerk’s office. Motor vehicle licenses must be renewed annually and any sale of a motor vehicle must be registered within 15 days of purchase. Below is a list of motor vehicle transactions. Procedures are outlined for each type of transaction and many motor vehicle forms can be downloaded from this website.

Corrected or Updated Title

The following documents and information are required:

  • Application for title/registration (VTR form # TC96-182) must be completed, signed by all registered owners, and notarized. Persons that have power of attorney for the owner(s) may sign, but a copy of the power of attorney must be submitted with the application. If County Clerk staff notarizes signatures, identification must be presented. Note: Titles that contain and (instead of or) between names of owners require the signature of all owners.
  • The current vehicle title must be submitted with the application for an updated title.
  • If the application is for the purpose of applying for a loan, the owner needs to indicate this on the application. A pending lien will be noted and the owner will be given a goldenrod copy of the registration to present to the lending institution. The lending institution will use the registration and a Title Lien Statement to record the lien.


  • Title Fee: $4.00 Affidavit Fee: $2.00.
  • Notary fee- if applicable $2.00

Note: The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Title Branch will mail the updated title within 10 to 14 business days of application. (If a pending lien is filed, the printing of the title is held for 30 days.)