Emergency Warning

Weather Alert Radios

Everyone should have a Weather Alert Radio in their home. These radios notify you of pending and incoming dangerous weather. The nearest NOAA Weather Radio transmitter is located near Lexington with a frequency of 162.400MHz. The newer radios can be programmed to only receive alerts for Boyle County. The NOAA same code for Boyle County is 021021.

Change the battery in your weather alert radio when you change your smoke alarm batteries in the fall.

In an emergency, tune to NOAA Weather Radio, local radio stations, broadcast or cable television for further information and instructions. The Emergency Management Office can assist you in programming your Weather Alert Radio. The office number is 859-238-1109

Residents with scanner radios may listen to Emergency Management officials at 155.025 MHz and local Skywarn weather spotters at 145.310 MHz.

Text Message & Email Alerts

Sign Up for Alerts buttonThose wanting to receive emergency alerts on their cell phone for Boyle County or email can sign up for alerts by signing up with CivicReady. For more information please view the Alerts & Notifications page.

Outdoor Warning Sirens

The Boyle County outdoor warning siren system is comprised of numerous sirens located throughout the county. The sirens are activated from the 911 communications center in the event of severe weather or other emergencies. The sirens are tested for proper operation on the first Friday of each month at 12 pm, weather permitting.

When sounded in an emergency situation, the sirens indicate that a tornado, large hail, high winds are imminent for Boyle County. If you are indoors during a weather-related emergency, proceed to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor of the building. Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Stay away from windows and doors. Get under something sturdy such as a table and if possible, cover yourself with a blanket. It is strongly recommended that residents designate a sheltered area for their home in advance and practice going to that area with their families. If you are in a vehicle or outdoors, lie flat and face-down on low ground, protecting the back of your head with your arms. Get as far away from trees and cars as you can; they may be blown onto you in a tornado.

Sirens will be sounded every 10 minutes when a tornado warning has been issued by the NWS or when one is spotted on the ground in the county until the treatment has left the county or Warning has been canceled by NWS.

Please note that the warning sirens are designed to alert persons that are outdoors and may not be heard inside most buildings or outside if there is other loud outside noises, like lawnmowers being used.

Sirens have been installed in the following locations:Outdoor Warning Siren

  • Danville Fire Department Station 1 (Main Street)
  • Danville Water Filtration Plant (Lexington Road)
  • Streamland Neighborhood Pool (Springhill Drive)
  • Boyle County Middle School (Bypass and Perryville Road)
  • R.R. Donnelley Plant (HWY 34 w. of Lebanon Road)
  • Time Warner Cable Facility (Hightower Road in the area of Walmart)
  • Lexington Road at Goggin Road
  • Old Bridge Sub Div (Lexington Road near Lake Herrington)
  • City Hall in Junction City W Shelby St.
  • Parksville Lebanon Road
  • Mitchellsburg Fire Station Old-Newtown Pike
  • Forkland Community Center Forkland Road
  • Perryville City Fire Station S Buell St.
  • Boyle Co Fire Station 2 East Perryville Road
  • Shelby Green North of Junction City - U.S. 127
  • Danville Imperial Mobile Home Park, Baughman Avenue
  • Danville 911 Center S 4th Street,
  • Danville Water Plant, Lexington Avenue,
  • Airport Siren Airport Road by Fire Department