Emergency Management

The Danville-Boyle County Emergency Management Agency (BCEM) is a unified local emergency management agency serving all county and city governments in Boyle County. BCEM was created and is maintained in accordance with Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 39B and is jointly funded by Boyle County, the City of Danville, and the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management. Through our contacts with local government, schools, civic and volunteer organizations, local industry, and health care providers, we are committed to providing for the health and safety of all Boyle County residents before, during, and after a major emergency or disaster.

Danville-Boyle County EMA Director Brian Caldwell is charged with representing the executives of local city and county governments on all matters pertaining to the comprehensive emergency management program and disaster and emergency response within the county. BCEM Staff attends a great deal of training annually and periodically conduct table-top and functional exercises with other agencies to bolster local preparedness policies and skills. 

Director Brian Caldwell

Director Caldwell maintains the Boyle County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and is the primary on-scene representative of local officials in the event of an emergency, declared emergency, disaster, or catastrophe within the County. The EOP is a tool utilized at the state and local level that includes directions and provisions to assess, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all disaster and emergency incidents.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency, BCEM is prepared to establish a County Emergency Operations Center at one of several pre-determined locations. We are also capable of providing command and control functions as well as centralized radio communications support from our mobile command post. To learn more about the Danville-Boyle County Emergency Management Agency, please contact our office during normal business hours.

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