Open Records Request

Open Records Information

Records Custodian

The Boyle County Sheriff’s Office shall designate an employee as its Records Custodian. The Records Custodian shall review the Kentucky Open Records Act, 200 KAR 1:020, and “Your Duty Under the Law – The Kentucky Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act,” published by the Office of the Attorney General. The Records Custodian shall ensure compliance with the Kentucky Open Records Act, 200 KAR 1:020 and all relevant requests.

The Boyle County Sheriff’s Office designates the following Records Custodian:

Chris Stratton, Chief Deputy 
321 W. Main St. 
Danville, KY  40422 
Phone: (859) 238-1123


Receiving Records Requests

Employees shall deliver the request immediately to the Records Custodian. If the Records Custodian is absent on the date of receipt, the request shall be delivered to an alternate records custodian. If an employee is uncertain whether a request qualifies as an Open Records Request, or does not specifically invoke the Open Records Act but appears to request records, the employee shall immediately refer the request to the Records custodian for a preliminary determination.

 Responding to Records Requests

All requests for copies or review of public records in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office must be made in writing. A request may be sent electronically to Email requests for records should include a mailing address and electronic signature. Requests may also be mailed to the Sheriff’s Office or hand delivered to 321 W. Main St, Danville KY 40422, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, each week, except holidays (Attn.: Records Custodian).

The Records Custodian shall provide a response to the records request that is postmarked or electronically transmitted within the number of business days required by law. The Records Custodian shall promptly notify the requesting party if additional time is needed under KRS Chapter 61. When a response is delayed, the notice shall specifically indicate that additional time is required to process the request and explain the circumstances justifying additional processing time.

The Records Custodian shall determine whether the requester has reasonably described records within the possession of the Office. If no such records are identified, the request may be denied on those grounds. However, if it is reasonably believed that another public agency is in possession of the records described in the request, the Records Custodian shall refer the requester to the appropriate records custodian, providing both their name and contact information. If it is determined that the records are within the Sheriff’s Office’s possession, the Records Custodian shall gather them for processing. Records that are responsive shall be segregated from nonresponsive records (i.e., records that were not requested). The Records Custodian shall then examine responsive records to determine which records, if any, are exempt from disclosure and make appropriate redactions.

If the Records Custodian determines that the records request should be denied in whole or in part, the Records Custodian shall notify the requester with an explanation for the decision to withhold any responsive records, citing the specific exemption in statute as the basis for withholding. If any part of a request for records is denied, the Records Custodian shall confer with legal counsel to ensure accuracy in applying the law.

If the request places an unreasonable burden for producing public records, or if the Records Custodian has reason to believe that repeated requests are intended to disrupt other essential functions of the Sheriff’s Office, the Records Custodian may refuse to produce the records upon conferring with legal counsel prior to denying the request.

Record Production

When responsive records are to be transmitted electronically to the requester, there is no charge to the requester. However, if the responsive material is more than 8 megabytes (“MB”), the documents will automatically be produced via compact disc (“CD”) and mailed to the requester. Cost per CD is $10.   The Records Custodian shall provide an invoice to the requester for the production and postage.

When responsive records are to be mailed to the requester, the Records Custodian shall provide an invoice to the requester for the production and postage. Printing costs are $0.10 per page, and additional fees shall be justified on any invoice.

If the requester wishes to personally inspect responsive records at the location where the records are maintained, the Records Custodian shall facilitate with the requester the scheduling of a convenient time and place for inspection. The Records Custodian, or an employee of the Office, shall be present and personally monitor the inspection.

Open Records Request Form (PDF)