Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Service VehiclesThe mission of Boyle County EMS is to protect and preserve the health, well-being, and quality of life of everyone living in and traveling through Boyle County.

Boyle County EMS focuses on the ever-changing pre-hospital healthcare needs of our community and responds to highly trained Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians trained to mitigate and manage emergent patients found in the pre-hospital setting. It is our duty to continually train above and beyond the accepted standard in order to provide our community with the latest and most advanced acute emergency medical care available. 

We also recognize outreach education and community training programs are integral parts of a successful EMS system and we strive diligently and enthusiastically to take full advantage of all education requests and opportunities by providing quality education through knowledgeable instructors. 

The ultimate goal of Boyle County EMS is to at all times possess the personnel and equipment dedicated to providing pre-hospital emergency medical care to all persons found sick or injured in Boyle County despite the emergency response environment, hazard or threat.

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